Orthroat Oral Spray 20 mL

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Spray for mouth

Soothes an inflamed throat and reduces oral cavity irritations

Net quantity:
20 ml

Alcohol, aqua, propolis extract, glycerin, mentha piperita oil

Intended use:
Orthroat® oral spray for mouth, soothes an inflamed throat and reduces oral cavity irritations, which are often the symptoms of a cold of various origins (flu, viral infection).

Instructions for use:
Spray the Orthroat® on the throat mucosa 2-3 times a day.



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6 reviews for Orthroat Oral Spray 20 mL

  1. Nica

    I cannot leave home without my Orthroat Mouth Spray! It gives me instant relief from my itchy throat. Definitely a must have!

  2. Hannah Dagandan

    The product is really good. Had been suffering from sore throat for 4 days already and saw this from an instagram story. Really helped me sleep properly. The alcohol is a bit strong but tolerable since sore throat is more painful. Grateful for this one. A must buy

  3. Reese

    A must in your purse at all times.

  4. Luna

    Very much effective and it can relieve your sore throat in one spray

  5. Hope

    Orthroat never leaves my bag! It can relieve my irritated throat quickly. Instantly freshens my breath too! Thank you, Orthroat!

  6. Medar

    It is very effective for sore throat.

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