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SV More Group Job Vacancies

Professional Marketing Rep – I

Location: Tacloban City, Zamboanga City, Bacolod City, Metro Manila, Batangas


 In-charge of converting target doctors to customers through effective marketing and selling skills in a designated area or territory (Market Group). Also peripherally tasked to help manage business sources for business growth. 

Duties and responsibilities:

I. Achieve assigned monthly net peso sales and unit sales targets.

II. Consistently delivers high ratings on functional competencies based on the following standards:

  1. Demonstrates high levels of administrative effectiveness
  2. Maintains high level of product competence. Displays adequate knowledge of the products and their uses/positioning relative to the various MD specialties, products’ price, and formulation as well as active minor and major competitors.
  3. Demonstrates efficient territory and customer management within assigned territory by maintaining high ratings on in-field presence, Call Rates and MD Call Management.
  4. Effectively promotes products to target doctors/customers by clearly delivering unique selling propositions, differentiating factors, and brand messages based on approved/authorized promotional materials.
  5. Ability to effectively communicate and build rapport with target doctors/customers.
  6. Demonstrates effective selling and negotiation skills, heightened commercial awareness, and can promote customer satisfaction. 


  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/ College Degree in any four-year course of any field.
  2. Willing to do field work and can easily adapt to a dynamic work environment.
  3. Must be physically fit and mentally alert.
  4. Hardworking and trustworthy.
  5. With pleasing personality and good interpersonal skills.
  6. With Good verbal and written communication skills.

Send CV:
Job title should be the subject of email.

Professional Service Representative (PSR)

Location: South Davao


  1. Personally provides Company sanctioned professional assistance/services to doctors, which may include any of the following:
    a. PurchaseRequest
    b. PickUp/DeliveryRequest
    c. Personal Request
    d. Transport Request
    e. Product Demonstration / DetailingRequest / SamplesRequest
  2. Directly communicates with requesting MD/Customer regarding the pertinent details of the service requested or for needed verifications while service fulfillment is ongoing.
  3. Coordinate with Service Supervisor regarding the details of an assigned service assignment. He/She also provides prompt update to the Service Supervisor regarding the progress of service assignment (Service fulfillment initiated/ service ongoing/service fulfilled); changes in service details and/or escalated concerns regarding MD/Customer concerns regarding the service request.
  4. Coordinates with other service team members (PSRs) regarding organized services (E.g. services requiring 2 or more PSRs for fulfillment) and/or for assistance needed in service fulfillment with the approval of the assigned Service Supervisor.
  5. Forwards pertinent in-field industry data gathered directly from engagement with MD customers or from industry peers during service fulfillment duties.
  6. Prepares accurate, complete and professionally made weekly activity reports and sends them promptly to assigned Service Supervisor for review and consolidation.

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Job title should be the subject of email.

General Clerk II

Location: Quezon City, Butuan, Iloilo City


The General Clerk is responsible for several administrative tasks such as but not limited to office supplies and accountable documents custodian, handling of mails & calls, data entry, printing, and filing of documents as a support to the daily business operations.


  1. Graduate of a 4-year course preferably in the field of business course
  2. With at least 1year or 2 years of work experience as Admin Clerk.
  3. Competent PC skills including MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook). 
  4. Good coordination skills.
  5. Can work in a fast-paced environment.
  6. Attention to details.
  7. Can function with minimal supervision.
  8. Good organizational skills.
  9. Responsible and dependable.
  10. Highly trainable. 

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Job title should be the subject of email.


Location: Quezon City, Cagayan de Oro City


The Bookkeeper is responsible for the maintenance of all company’s books of accounts, preparation of various accounts schedule and updating all records relating to financial reporting.  


  1. Must be an Accounting-Related course graduate preferably Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with good scholastic records
  2. Holder of CPA license is an advantage
  3. Must have competent accounting and analytical skills
  4. Must have extensive knowledge in taxation
  5. Competent PC skills particularly MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point
  6. Can work with minimal supervision.
  7. Good organization, coordination, and time management skills.
  8. Must have a strong sense of responsibility and must be willing to work beyond the office hours if deemed necessary. 
  9. Trustworthy and reliable for securing confidential details covering Accounting information.

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Job title should be the subject of email.

Finance and Accounting Supervisor

Location: Quezon City, Iloilo City & Cagayan de Oro City


The Finance and Accounting Supervisor is responsible for the management of the overall FAO operations. This position is primarily responsible for the preparation & analysis of financial reports, company budget, strict compliance to applicable government rules & regulations, maintenance and safekeeping of books of accounts and other requisite forms & documents.


  1. Must be a Certified Public Accountant with good scholastic records.
  2. With at least 2-3 years working experience in the related field.
  3. Must possess competent accounting/auditing/analytical skills.
  4. Must have a comprehensive knowledge in taxation.
  5. Good oral and written communication skills
  6. With excellent inter-personal skills.
  7. With leadership skills.
  8. Competent PC skills – Microsoft Office programs.
  9. Can work under minimal supervision.
  10. Good organizational and time management skills.
  11. Trustworthy and reliable in securing confidential matters.
  12. Must have a strong sense of duty. 

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Job title should be the subject of email.

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