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SV More Group Job Vacancies

Pharmaceutical Representative 

Pharmaceutical Representative 

Locations: Cebu City, Tacloban City, Bacolod City, Iloilo Out Towns, Roxas – Kalibo, Iligan City, Zamboanga City


In-charge of converting target doctors to customers through effective marketing and
selling skills in a designated area or territory (Market Group). Also peripherally tasked to
help manage business sources for business growth.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Achieve assigned monthly net peso sales and unit sales targets.
II. Consistently delivers high ratings on functional competencies based on the following
1. Demonstrates high levels of administrative effectiveness
2. Maintains high level of product competence. Displays adequate knowledge of the
products and their uses/positioning relative to the various MD specialties,
products’ price, and formulation as well as active minor and major competitors.
3. Demonstrates efficient territory and customer management within assigned territory by maintaining high ratings on in-field presence, Call Rates and MD Call Management.
4. Effectively promotes products to target doctors/customers by clearly delivering unique selling propositions, differentiating factors, and brand messages based on approved/authorized promotional materials.
5. Ability to effectively communicate and build rapport with target doctors/customers.
6. Demonstrates effective selling and negotiation skills, heightened commercial awareness, and can promote customer satisfaction.


1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/ College Degree in any four-year course of any field.

2. Willing to do field work and can easily adapt to a dynamic work environment.
3. Must be physically fit and mentally alert.
4. Hardworking and trustworthy.
5. With pleasing personality and good interpersonal skills.
6. With Good verbal and written communication skills.

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Bookkeeper Associate

Bookkeeper Associate

Location: Quezon City 

Lady wearing corporate suit, holding a laptop.


The Bookkeeper is responsible for the maintenance of all company’s books of accounts,
preparation of various accounts schedule and updating all records relating to financial reporting.


1. Must be an Accounting-Related course graduate preferably Bachelor of Science.
in Accountancy with good scholastic records.
2. Holder of CPA license is an advantage.
3. Must have competent accounting and analytical skills.
4. Must have extensive knowledge in taxation.
5. Competent PC skills particularly MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point.
6. Can work with minimal supervision.
7. Good organization, coordination, and time management skills.
8. Must have a strong sense of responsibility and must be willing to work beyond.
the office hours if deemed necessary.
9. Trustworthy and reliable for securing confidential details covering Accounting

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Job title should be subject of email.

Internal Audit Associate

Internal Audit Associate

Location: Iloilo City


Perform offsite and onsite operational and financial audits of the subsidiaries (nationwide) to include review of the means of safeguarding and accounting for assets. Appraisal of the economical and efficient use of resources and the reliability and operation of the accounting, financial, and operating systems.

Review of compliance with policies, plans, procedures, standards, laws, and regulations.
Report the results of audit work conducted. Perform the necessary follow-up procedures to ascertain whether appropriate action is taken on significant audit findings. Respect the confidentiality of information acquired while performing the audit function. Lastly, willing to travel at subsidiaries nationwide to conduct audit.


Candidate must possess Bachelor’s degree (B.S) in Accountancy from a reputable College or University and with 2 to 4 years auditing experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. CPA is preferred.

Essential Skills:

1. Strong background and experience in audit methodologies and techniques.
2. Outstanding record of effectiveness in conducting external or internal audits.
3. Capability to build relationships while asking tough questions.
4. Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills.
5. Superb time management and organizational skills and willingness to invest personal time to achieve stated goals and objectives.
6. Ability to demonstrate professional care and the responsibility to exercise honesty, independence, objectivity and diligence in the performance of duties and in the fulfilment of the key tasks.

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Finance and Accounting Supervisor (CPA)

Finanace and Accounting Supervisor (CPA)

Location: Quezon City


The Accountant supports executive management team by ensuring the integrity of accounting information thru analyzing, recording, verifying, and consolidating financial transactions that will allow them to make the best business decisions for the company. He/She shall be involved in overseeing the overall operation of the Finance and Accounting Department of S.V. More Pharma Corporation.

He/She shall act as signatory to various reports and tax forms being submitted to BIR.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Prepares, examines, and analyzes accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports.

II. Assumes a supervisory function to the Bookkeeper Specialist and CAMO Head.

III. Oversees the operations of the Accounting, Cashiering Department, and Customers Account Management Office.

IV. Reviews and/or finalizes taxes and fees owed.

V. Manages the preparation of the Company’s Budget to be endorsed for approval.

VI. Management of Cash – Ensures the availability of cash prior to approval and release. Analyzes available cash on hand and together with the VP-Comptroller endorses the investment of available funds to a higher interest-earning account.

VII. Approval of Bi-monthly Payroll of employees; Authorizes online fund transfer and crediting of amounts and updates the payroll Masterfile system for all changes in the pay package of the employees.

VIII. Maintains a documented system of accounting policies and procedures. Reviews and aids in the management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Finance & Accounting Office.

IX. Analyzes and recommends regarding issues on resource utilization, tax strategies, and the development of accounting control procedures.

X. Assists and monitors IT – Department in enhancing accounting related system such as bridge, accounting system, purchase book and CDV system.

XI. Ensures compliance, examines and facilitates preparation of internal and external auditors’ and other government agencies’ requirements.

XII. Product Costing analysis and monitoring of total Product Cost, Transfer Cost, and Selling Price

XIII. Monitors, controls and updates letter of credit (LC) for trade purchases.

XIV. Issuance of Statement of Account to Subsidiaries for packaging materials and other related activities – Special Accounts

XV. Approval of computation of SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, and loan clearance application before payment/application.

Qualifications Required:

Must be a Certified Public Accountant with good scholastic records
With at least 4 years of professional experience and 2 years of supervisory experience
Must have experience in preparing financial statements and record to report process.
Must have experience in flux reporting and variance analysis.
Must have the ability to multi-task, work independently and/or within a team, and meet deadlines.
Can maintain high level of accuracy and outstanding attention to details.
Must have strong interpersonal and analytical skills.
Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
Must have strong work ethics and proactive.

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Field Force Effectiveness Analyst

Field Force Effectiveness Analyst

Location: Metro Manila-Luzon



The Fieldforce Effectiveness Analyst (FEA) plays a critical role in assessing and optimizing the performance of the company’s field sales force. They are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to ensure that the field sales team operates efficiently and effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Market Data Collection: Gather data both in-field (involves activities like field surveys, interviews, observations, and data collection at the source) and office-based (pre-existing data and research that can be gathered from office setting) related to field sales activities, including sales figures, call reports, territory coverage, and other relevant metrics.

II. Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics tools and techniques to analyze and interpret field sales data. Identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

III. Performance Metrics: Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the field sales team. This may include tracking sales targets, call frequency, and product detailing.

IV. Sales Force Assessment: Evaluate the performance of individual sales representatives, regional teams, and the entire field sales force. Identify top performers and areas requiring improvement.

V. Territory Optimization: Analyze territory coverage and alignment to ensure that sales representatives are effectively covering their assigned areas. Suggest changes if needed.

VI. Incentive Programs: Assess the effectiveness of incentive programs and compensation structures for the sales team. Recommend adjustments to drive desired behaviors and results.

VII. Market Insights: Gather insights about market trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences in the pharmaceutical industry. This information helps in shaping sales strategies.

VIII. Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation by determining the most efficient use of the field sales team’s time and effort. Ensure that they focus on high-value activities and customers.

IX. Sales Technology Utilization: Evaluate the use of sales technologies and tools (e.g., CRM systems) and ensure that they are being used effectively by the field sales team.

X. Compliance and Ethics: Ensure that field sales activities adhere to pharmaceutical industry regulations, quality standards, and ethical guidelines, especially in interactions with healthcare professionals.

XI. Reporting and Communication: Provide regular reports and insights to senior management and sales leadership about the performance of the field sales force and recommendations for improvement.

XII. Continuous Improvement: Continuously seek ways to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the field sales force, making data-informed recommendations and driving positive changes.

The FEA‘s role is instrumental in helping the sales force achieve their sales targets, enhance their performance, and make informed decisions to improve field sales strategies. They ensure that the company’s resources are utilized optimally, resulting in better sales outcomes and market penetration.

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