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About Us

The Inception and Journey of S.V. More Group of Companies

About the Company

SV More Group of Companies is a 100% Filipino-owned pharmaceutical marketing firm composed of 3 Parent Companies and 7 Subsidiaries that act as their distributors. The Company markets its brands of adult and pediatric preparations spearheaded by its flagship products, high-dose B-Complex nerve vitamins. The product line-up is augmented by various lines of antibiotics, antidiabetics, analgesics, cough and cold preparations, steroids, and various kinds of nutritional supplements. Quite recently, the Company has gone into partnerships with multinational companies to exclusively distribute their global brands of gastrointestinal and ENT preparations in the Philippine market. At this time, with its almost 400 employees, the geographic operational footprint of the Company spans the whole of the Philippines with all the key cities from Ilocos Norte in Luzon to General Santos in Mindanao being covered by one of the seven Subsidiaries.

In its more than three decades of operation, the Company has endeavored to become a world-class pharmaceutical marketing organization, making sure that its business practices and protocols adhere to international gold standards ensuring reliability not just in its products but more importantly, in its people.

The Company has an unflinching commitment to its mission of providing high-quality yet cost-effective pharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions afflicting our countrymen, helping the Filipino live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Our Story

The S.V. More Group of Companies’ humble beginnings can be traced back to the establishment of S.V. More Pharma Corp. on the 25th of September back in 1987. The organization was founded by Mr. Alberto A. Santillana, now its Chairman Emeritus. Necessitated by their ever-expanding product lines, a second Parent Company, Pharma Nutria N.A., Inc., was created on 26 January 1995. The incorporation of these parent companies marked the beginning of the organization’s growth from a small corporation of only 11 personnel.

The organization opened its first Subsidiary with the incorporation of S.V. More Pharma (Butuan City), Corp. on 31 July 1996. To fully establish its presence in the whole country, incorporation of other Subsidiaries in Metro Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, and Davao soon followed. In the chronological sequence of incorporation: S.V. More Pharma (Metro Manila and Luzon) Corp. was established on 20 September 20, 1996, Pharma Nutria N. A. (Metro Manila and Luzon), Inc. on 2 October 1996, S.V. More Pharma (Ilo-ilo City) Corp. on 22 August 1997, Pharma Nutria N.A. (Bacolod City), Inc. on 25 August 1997, Pharma Nutria N.A. (Davao City), Inc. on 29 October 1998, and S.V. More Pharma (Cebu City) Corp. on 7 April 2000.

The third Parent company, PNSV Asia Corporation, was established on 23 July 2002, with the organization currently planning for further expansion.

On the 18th of June in 2004, shortly before its 13th anniversary, SV More Group inaugurated its headquarters in Quezon City at 16 Scout Tuazon Street, its first company-owned building. The S.V. More Group Corporate Center is a multi-level structure that has 8 upper-ground and 3 lower-ground floor levels. This serves as the head office of all three of the organization’s Parent Companies and two of its Subsidiaries, S.V. More Pharma (MM-L) Corp. and Pharma Nutria N.A. (MM-L), Inc.

Soon after, the Company embarked on constructing corporate buildings in the Visayas and Mindanao that served as regional offices and depots for its Subsidiaries operating in these areas. On 15 February 2007, the 3-story S.V. More Iloilo Pharma Corporate Center in Gen. Luna Street was inaugurated. Four months later, on 29 June 2007, the Pharma Nutria N.A. Inc. Corporate Center Davao officially opened its doors for business at Rimas Street in Bajada, Davao City. Two years later, the S.V. More Group Corporate Center Regional Office in Bacolod City was formally dedicated and inaugurated on 28 August 2009. In 2020, additional two offices were officially turned over, S.V. More Cagayan Corp. Office in Masterson’s Avenue in Cagayan de Oro last 3 February 2020 and S.V. More Pharma (Iloilo City) Corporate Center on 9 March 2020. S.V. More Pharma (Iloilo City) Corporate Center is the second building in Iloilo City located in the bustling Central Business District of Mandurriao.

The flagship products consist of the Polynerv and Meganerv lines, which have been with the Company from the beginning. These products have grown with the Company through the years as it continually gained the trust and support of medical practitioners and consultants in the country.

The brands owned by the Company are toll-manufactured by the established pharmaceutical laboratories Hizon Laboratories (Phil.) and Lloyd Laboratories (Phil.). The global brands we are currently marketing exclusively in the Philippines are owned by Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co, LTD and Shin Poong Pharm Co, LTD of South Korea and ENT Technologies of Australia.

S.V. More brands of pharmaceutical products are available to customers and end-users throughout the Philippine archipelago from Aparri in the north to Zamboanga in the south via giant drugstore chains like Mercury Drug, Watson’s, MedExpress and in other wholesalers and retailers in all key cities nationwide. These products are also available at the pharmacies of major private and government hospitals in Metro Manila like the Philippine Heart Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, The Medical City, Manila Doctor’s Hospital, Capitol Medical Center, among many. In Visayas and Mindanao, availability in major local wholesalers and chain drugstores and major government and private hospitals like the Pablo Torre Memorial Hospital in Bacolod City, Iloilo Doctors Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo City, Cebu Doctors Hospital and Chong Hua Medical Center in Cebu City, Polymedic General Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City Hospital in Butuan City, Davao Doctors Hospital and San Pedro Hospital in Davao City, ensuring product availability for patients’ access.

The Company’s focus is on the Filipino talent. Its cogent advocacy is: Filipino-owned companies must invest in the skills and capabilities of their countrymen. This is proudly embodied in the Group’ tagline, “The FILIPINO talent is worth the investment in GOLD”.

Our Vision

The SV More Group of Companies envisions elevating the health and well-being of Filipinos by providing access to world-class and value-driven pharmaceutical products. Our aspiration is to stand as the premier partner of choice in the Philippine pharmaceutical market setting the highest standards of excellence.

Our Mission

S.V. More Group of Companies is committed to provide the following:


To provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. We are committed to providing exceptional service, delivering value, and fostering well-being through informed choices in healthcare.


To inspire and support our talented team who continue to be the driving force behind the Company’s success. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and personal fulfillment, where our employees thrive by providing a stable and rewarding work environment.


To maximize value for our shareholders by strategically navigating the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape, delivering sustainable growth, and upholding a commitment to responsible corporate governance and ethical business practices.


To actively engage with and enhance the communities we serve by being an asset where we operate. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, dedicated to improving lives beyond medicine.


To be the trusted bridge between innovative pharmaceutical solutions and the Philippine market. Dedicated to driving growth, accessibility, and excellence, through strategic collaboration and unwavering integrity.

Core Values

  • Accountability in all our endeavors, from providing quality products to excellent and professional service.

  • We create Long-term Value for all our stakeholders — our employees, customers and shareholders.

  • We strive to maintain a healthy work-life Balance for our employees.

  • We foster Empowerment for employees to take initiative and give their best.

  • We build positive Relationships through open communication, sharing and valuing diverse perspectives.

  • We revere Truth, honesty and integrity and consider them as the fundamental characteristics of our conduct in all aspects of our work.

  • We exploit all available Opportunities and obtainthrough hard work all the results we have set as our objectives.

Our Treasure Map of Tomorrow & Other Insights

Mr. Alberto A. Santillana Shares His Views on
Fulfilling S.V. More’s Vision and Mission.

Message from the
Chairman Emeritus

S.V. More addresses its Vision and Mission as one that serves as a Treasure Map of Tomorrow. Our company envisions itself as an expanding, generous organization reaching out to the people who need help and deserve to be helped. The other direction of our company’s Vision is toward performance rather than toward efforts alone – meaning toward the performance of the entire Group of Companies. This other direction of its Vision is intended to make the company’s Mission realistically possible, easier to achieve, and more fulfilling to the entire organization.

The people behind S.V. More believe that our organization exists for a specific purpose and Mission. And to fulfill this Mission our company needs to perform well economically. This way we can justify our existence and fulfill our Mission largely by the economic growth and results we are able to produce. Believing that the “Filipino talent is worth the investment in Gold” encourages us to preserve, maintain, and safeguard our material resources and Human Capital as these represent S.V. More’s principles for non-stop growth and progress. Seeing our people, our employees, enjoying a better life; seeing our products gaining competitive advantage over bigger companies’ products; seeing the growing number of scholars that, through our educational programs, we are able to help – are what really drive us, motivate us, and inspire us to push forward even harder, to lead a frugal life, and to create righteous wealth. God is so kind to S.V. More that He gave our company very trustworthy, hardworking, and effective people who form the solid foundation that provides the fundamental resource of our business.

Our organization is further blessed with very supportive friends and very loving, caring families for without them we could not have succeeded in doing our mission and pursuing our vision this far.

Chairman Emeritus

Message from the President

I am grateful to be one amongst only a handful of people in this organization to have witnessed first-hand the growth of this organization from a simple dream of its founder Mr. Alberto A. Santillana of becoming a self-employed business man into the Group of Companies that it has become today.

From a rented single room residential apartment in Mandaluyong, to commercial offices, to whole floors of business buildings…the transfers as evidenced by the size of its growth requirements ended with the inauguration in 2004 of the 11 story S. V. More Group Corporate Center Building at 16 Sct. Tuazon, Quezon City Metro Manila.

The pharmaceutical operations that encompassed the whole nation demanded the continuous expansion of the Company. This gave rise to three parent Companies, S. V. More Pharma Corp., Pharma Nutria N. A., Inc., and PNSV Asia Corp. and seven subsidiary companies in Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao.  Other than the corporate headquarter in Quezon City, six (6) more corporate buildings were constructed in Quezon City and the cities of Ilo-ilo, Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, and Cebu.  These commercial buildings are a testament to our commitment to become firmly established and fully invested in the provinces and municipalities within which we operate.

The phenomenal achievement levelled-up from marketing and distributing only a handful of me-too products into owning, trading and even importing diverse mix of multivitamins, nutritional supplements, specialty products, hepato-protectors, digestant, anti-diabetic, anti-cholesterol, and antibiotics among others.

The business started with a fresh group of highly driven individuals under the tutelage and guidance of our Chairman. This same ambitious group has now evolved into a dynamic Management Team working in a concerted effort that maximizes efficiency and productivity in order to become a sustainable, high-performing organization.

Transparency and communication are the keys that have developed the trust and sincerity among all our people in all levels of the Company’s hierarchy.

Promoting work-life balance by introducing the apprenticeship program keeps everyone fresh and focused. It stands to reason that a relaxed and happy employee with a positive mood is more conducive to innovative and creative thoughts over a stressed and a tense one.

Industry challenges only make us more resolute in our continuous quest to find our rightful niche in the pharma industry. We trained and encouraged our people not only to become better professionals but more so, to become better persons so that we could carve for ourselves our names as one of the pillars in the pharmaceutical industry.

We continue to do this in order to keep sight of our vision to provide high quality, value-driven, and cost-effective pharmaceutical products to enrich the health and well-being of people we serve.

As a leader, it is my duty to ensure the fulfillment of the Corporate Vision.  I am challenged with inculcating to all the employees of our organization the same passion and zeal I have so as to achieve our purpose – our vision, by doing our own share in the mission that we have set ourselves to undertake to reach our goals in order to guarantee the steadfast and stable growth of the Company.

But most importantly, our greatest motivation is the fact that our products continue to make meaningful changes in the lives of not only our employees but to all the people around us.


President and CEO