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Cute baby, a hand seen, holding a nasal spray bottle, gently spraying on baby's left nostril. Clouds with product text, how-to-guide and product seen on lower right part of the image.

Taking Care of your Babies Delicate Nose with Flo Baby Nasal Spray

Babies breathe exclusively through their nose on the first few months after birth. This allows them to feed, swallow, and breathe at the same time. Since babies have tiny nasal passages, even the smallest amount of mucus may interfere with breathing thus disrupting their feeding and sleeping. Therefore, it is important that their nasal airways are kept clean and clear of mucus, allergens and other irritants.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray is specifically designed for babies’ sensitive and delicate nose to gently clean and wash away the excess mucus making your baby breathe easier.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray has a specialized COMOD® (Continuous MonoDose) system, which makes sure that the solution in the bottle is sterile and free of contaminants.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray is isotonic which means that the solution has the same concentration as the body’s own fluid. It is also non-medicated and preservative-free therefore, Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray is non-irritating and gentle to the babies’ delicate nose.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray may be sprayed quickly at any angle, even upside down. This means that the baby can assume any position of comfort, even lying down, while using the spray.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray delivers the solution in a gentle micro- mist spray allowing the solution to be dispersed evenly.

Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray provides metered-doses to ensure that the baby receives the right amount of spray for each use.

Flo Baby™ Nasal Spray is handy and easy to carry anywhere especially during travel.

For more information and directions for use, please read the Consumer Information Leaflet in the packaging.

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