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Saline Nasal Spray for Clean and Clear Nasal Airways

We can’t see them but suspended in the air that we breathe are impurities like dust, dirt, pollen or even infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Although our nose is naturally equipped to filter out these impurities, there are many instances wherein the filtering capabilities of our nose are overwhelmed when our environment becomes increasingly polluted and crowded.

Rinsing the nose with water would be an easy thing to do, however our nasal passages are very sensitive. The solution needed should be friendly to the delicate nasal tissues like a saline solution. Isotonic or physiologic saline nasal solutions duplicate the natural characteristics of normal body fluids and are gentle for cleansing the salt-sensitive tissues of the nose. 

Nasal saline solution cleanses and moisturizes the nasal passages which helps the body increase its resistance to respiratory tract infections and even provides a natural remedy in relieving symptoms of various ailments affecting the nose such as the common cold and nasal allergies.

When prepared as a handy nasal spray, saline nasal solution becomes a carry-anywhere and ready-to-use cleansing solution for the nose and delivers multiple benefits:

     • Saline solutions that come in a handy nasal spray provide a convenient means of washing, cleaning and clearing the nasal passages of irritants like dust and pollens, crusted mucus and microorganisms such as viruses.
     • Regular cleansing of the nasal tissues with saline solution promotes health of the cilia, the hair-like structures that trap and sweep away foreign invaders in the nasal airway and help curb inflammation.
     • Nasal saline washes help keep the nasal tissues moist and hydrated or help restore moisture to dry or congested nasal passages.
     • Isotonic saline nasal sprays help thin and loosen nasal secretions and crusted mucus.
     • Using saline nasal sprays can help provide relief of nasal congestion associated with dry, irritated or inflamed nasal passages, low humidity, heat, cold dry air (i.e., in air-conditioned room, air travel).

The best part is that you don’t need to go through the inconvenience of mixing your own salt solution to get all these benefits. Isotonic saline nasal sprays are readily and widely available over the counter in your neighborhood drugstores and pharmacies. If you have persisting or worsening symptoms, it is still best to consult your doctor.