S.V. Buddy List of Services

To our dear frontliners... we see, we understand, and we adjust to your needs in these trying times. Through SV BUDDY, we strive to remain a relevant partner in your practice in the new normal.

Need help in sending or receiving documents, parcels, gifts, and other “handy” items? Send us a request, an SV Buddy will be glad to assist.
Need help in purchasing non-food items but don’t have the convenience of time? An SV Buddy will buy the item and will arrange delivery to your desired location. Your payment will be arranged after delivery is made.
Are you craving for food that you can’t seem to get a schedule for or are not available for booking in your area? Let us know your request, an SV Buddy can help satisfy this “need.” Your payment will be arranged after delivery is made.
In case available, we are more than willing to offer you a pleasant ride. Let us know your request, soon as a motorized SV Buddy is available, we’ll pick you up and drive for you. (Physical distancing guidelines will apply)
Need assistance in processing applications and renewals of important documents (i.e. passport, PRC, driver’s license, NSO documents, etc.) Drop us a request, we’ll see how we can assist.
Let us know your medicine request, we will gladly process and deliver them to you.
Do you have any other questions? Let us know how we can help you.

If You Have More Questions

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